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Nigga figgah
    Riley Freeman is the brother of Huey Freeman and the grandchild of Robert Freeman. He lives next door to the Dubois family. Riley doesn't seem to care very much about the well being of others--not even his family. He constantly gets into fights with Huey due to their severely conflicting personalities, and acts rebellious toward Robert and his actions that seem unfair to Riley. Albeit counterproductive,  his personality differences(and the arguments that will soon occur)with Huey provide comedic scenes for the show.

Personality Edit

     Riley's personality has obviously been heavily influenced by 'gangsta' culture that inhabits itself largely in today's society. He lies often about criminal acts, such as shooting one of Gangstalicious' attackers in the hospital in the episode "The Story of Gangstalicious." Like his brother, however, he knows and says things typical eight year olds probably wouldn't, such as telling Tom not to drop the soap in the episode "The Reality." Riley doesn't hesitate when it comes to violence. In various episodes, he is shown attacking others, including Huey. He isn't afraid to show this even in public, for example, when he repeatedly attacks the fake Santa Claus in the mall.