220px-Ed and Rummy

Ed and Gin Rummy.

     Ed Wuncler III is the grandson of the extremely wealthy Ed Wuncler Sr. Because of this, it seems that he's able to get out of trouble quite easily, and isn't worried about committing any acts punishable by law. Every time he appears, he gets involved with something violent. In the episode "A Date With the Health Inspector," he and Gin Rummy harass innocents who are "suspects" in the "X-box killer" controversy, and rob a store, which happens to be owned by muslims, which means that they are seen as heroes for stoping the "terrorist threat", which earlier in the episode was at "Terror Alert Level Orange" . They only end up shooting because there is a cop in the room, and they try to avoid getting caught by saying that the owner has a gun. He ends up trying to kidnap a child that took Rileys chian, but it turns out to be the wrong kid. and performing various robberies(which shows that he commits crimes just because, since, as he's rich, he definitely wouldn't need any money)throughout the series. Ed has a seemingly endless supply of firearms, and this only helps him along on his hilarious path of destruction.